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City of Albuquerque Special Event Permit Application

Thank you for choosing to hold your event in the City of Albuquerque!

Public events may require advanced approval and permits from various City of Albuquerque departments, depending on the details of your event. If you are unsure whether your event is required to complete a Special Event Application, contact us at 505-768-3580 or specialevents@cabq.gov.

Prior to starting your application, please make sure you have the following in place:

  • Event date
  • Event location or venue
  • Digital copies of any use agreements, traffic control plans or planned routes
  • For park rentals, you will need to have your park use agreement
  • For any street closures, you will need to have your traffic control plan or route

The Special Event Permit Application is not required for the following activities:

  • Weddings, picnics, graduations, private parties

For additional resources, visit our Special Event Permitting page

The City of Albuquerque Special Events team looks forward to working with you on your event!