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Film Permit

Generally, few permits are needed for filming in the Albuquerque area.

Permits are usually required for production on federal, state and tribal lands. Permits are required for production on city property, sensitive areas such as historical sites and on public streets and sidewalks, including county roads and state highways.

For more information, head to Film Permit Information.

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Special Event Permit

Welcome to the online permit application site. The City of Albuquerque’s permitting process is designed to ensure safe events while following city ordinances, requirements and regulations for events hosted by citizens, businesses, and organizations.  

Depending on the details of your event, not all public events require advanced approval and permits from various City of Albuquerque departments. To find out whether you need to complete the Special Event Application, visit the Special Event Permitting page.

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Special Event Permit Applications require a 30-day notice for completion of all phases of permitting. Permit Applications submitted with less than 30 days notice won't be guaranteed a Special Event Permit.